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De Addiction  centre in ludhiana are an opportunity for addicted people to get back to their normal lives again. We emphasise the holistic recovery of addicted people and follow up on their condition after returning to their homes and engaging in their social life. Our team of experts offering services in Bhatinda and Patiala along with Ludhiana take scientifically approved and traditional approaches towards the patients. From group activities to multiple counselling sessions, we adopt every possible approach to let you return to your normal life.

We believe that our therapies or medicines are not enough until you take the stance. It would be best if you lost the desire to take alcohol or drugs again. It would be best if you felt the same with gambling as well. This can only happen when we can convince you from the bottom of your heart to avoid those negative impactful addictive products. We have been trying our best to assure people that you can get back to your old life with your mental strength, healthy lifestyle, and quality nutrition.

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    Drug Rehabilitation & De Addiction Centre In Ludhiana

    Ludhiana drug de addiction centre is a rehabilitation centre at the heart of the city along with having its operations in Bhatinda and Patiala as well. Our sole aim is to support the people who want to get back to their old life, where they don’t need to depend on alcohol, drugs, other substances, and gambling. We have a professional team to support your recovery process. We acknowledge the requirement of love, care, mental support, healthy lifestyle, and encouragement required to come out of the darkest phase of their lives. 

    At Ludhiana De Addiction Centre, we believe in getting to the root of the cause and providing constant support to the patients and regular treatment. Extra-curricular activities and socializing are some added activities that we emphasize.

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    What We Treat At Drug Rehabilitation & De Addiction Centre In Ludhiana

    Alcohol Addiction

    Mostly youth get attracted to drugs sooner, and numerous students need our help. We assure them of speedy and complete recovery with the quality treatment procedure.

    Drug Addiction

    When you are getting dependent on alcohol, make sure to get into our rehab to get detox treatment to avoid the extreme emotional dependency on alcohol.

    Pills Addiction

    When you start earning money from gambling, there is no looking back. When you know it is harmful but still in it, you require immediate treatment. Call for more information.

    Gambling Addiction

    You may never have thought that a curable medicine can become your reason for addiction. Don’t feel weird or hide your addiction, and get normalized much sooner.

    Our Treatment, Process & Philosphy

    Know More About Drug Rehabilitation & De Addiction Centre In Ludhiana

    We believe recovery for every patient is possible. We never give up and try to be as empathetic as possible to keep ourselves in that position. Our caregivers offer them the love and affection like a family, which they require to overcome their dependency on alcohol and drugs.

    Personal Care

    Our team looks after the patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle and hygiene to prepare themselves for daily life.

    Nutritious Food

    Medicines will only work when you get the required food nutrients through your food. Our nutritionists offer an individual diet plan.

    Group Activities

    We bring the patients to a common place where they can participate in group or team activities to reduce their anxiety in socializing.

    Full-day Activities

    We indulge all the patients in different structural activities throughout the day besides treatment sessions to ensure they are attached to things.

    You Are Worthy of a Second Chance in Life

    Why Choose Us

    Why Join Our Drug Rehabilitation & De Addiction Centre In Ludhiana

    Joining de addiction centre or taking help from doctors is not shameful; you need to accept this first. Most of the addicted remain ashamed to face their society, community, and family again. At Ludhiana De Addiction Centre, we understand such psychological limitations, and we work on these factors simultaneously to make your recovery a completely new journey for all addicted patients.  

    We have been in this industry for a long time, and we always aim for holistic recovery and no potential risk of returning to such addiction again. Rather, we consider recovered patients as worriers, and they should share their recovery journey with the others in the rehab to boost their morale.  Our dedicated team follows up on every recovered patient for a few months and only stops doing that after a satisfactory outcome. 

    All our recovered patients have returned to their daily life and have found their way, their purpose. Our objective is to provide you with mental peace and a healthy body. You can get that while regularly participating in scientific sessions and traditional yoga or other physical activities. We arrange day-long sessions for the patients to recover as soon as possible.

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